Numerical Problems

Numerical or Numerical Problems mostly in Physics and Chemistry are one of the most challenging area of Science study. We understand that capability of solving problems with confidence is of utmost importance to get success in different exams. It requires good understanding of different topics and their practical aspects.

For solving of any numerical problems, following steps to be followed –

  1. Be calm and read through the given problem to understand the given data and required date.
  2. Draw a rough sketch or approximate diagram pertaining to the problem. Sometimes a free body diagram is required to solve the problem. Extra marks are awarded for drawing a correct diagram whether it is mandatory to draw or not.
  3. List down anything the data, variables and statement which is provided in the numerical problem or question.
  4. List down anything the data or statement required in answer of the question.
  5. Think deeply, imagine and look for the unknown variables. Ask yourself, ‘What am I solving for?’ and ‘What are the unknown variables in this problem?’
  6. Write the formula that might be applicable to this problem or try to solve the problem from basic conceptual theories.
  7. Choose the correct formula and relation which correlates the given data and variables with the required data and statement.
  8. Solve the equations using algebra, trigonometrical and geometrical relations. Solve for each unknown listed variables. First try to solve for variables that can be determined easily.
  9. Keep repeating the last step for each required unknown quantity. Repeat the calculation till all required variables are found out.
  10. Underline the answered data or statement to make the answer complete.

Some important numerical problems related to blog post articles are provided in this section for easy learning the topic from basic levels and clear concepts.

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