Heat Energy

What are different speeds of molecules? Molecules of a gas are assumed as rigid and elastic spheres. In a given mass of gas, these molecules remains in constant movement throughout the space available. During theRead More →

What are Specific Heats of gases? Specific heat of a gas is defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of unit mass of gas by . When a gas is heated,Read More →

What is the First Law of Thermodynamics? First law of thermodynamics states that – If some heat is supplied to a system which is capable of doing work, then the quantity of heat absorbed byRead More →

What is the Second Law of Thermodynamics? The first law of thermodynamics states that, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The total quantity of energy in the universe remains same. The Second Law ofRead More →

What is called Degree of Freedom of molecules? Degree of freedom of a system is defined as the total number of independent ways in which the particles of the system can absorb energy. In general,Read More →

What is the Kinetic Theory of Gases? Kinetic theory of gases is used as a framework for understanding gases and predicting their behavior. It links the microscopic behavior of gas molecules to the macroscopic propertiesRead More →

What is Ideal Gas Equation? An equation which gives a relationship between pressure , volume and temperature of any gas, is called Ideal Gas Equation. Consider about a gas of mass . According to Boyle’sRead More →

What is called a Thermodynamic Process? A process in which at least two or more state variables of a system got change, is called a thermodynamic process. For example – Consider that, in a pistonRead More →

What is Thermodynamics? Thermodynamic is the branch of science which deals with concepts of heat and temperature and the inter conversion of heat and other forms of energy. The word “thermodynamic” actually meant for “heatRead More →

What are Laws of Cooling of bodies? If a material body is heated up to a very high temperature and then let to cool down, it will take a certain time to reach at aRead More →

What is a Black Body? The radiation emitted by a black body is called black body radiation. A black body is one which neither reflects nor transmits but absorbs whole of the heat radiation incidentRead More →

What is Thermal Convection mode of Heat Transfer? Thermal convection is the process of heat transfer in fluids by which heat flows from the region of high temperature to the region of lower temperature byRead More →

What is meant by Thermal Conductivity? Thermal conductivity is the property which regulates the process of heat transfer in solid objects by mode of heat conduction. The fundamental law of thermal conductivity and heat conductionRead More →

What is called Internal Energy? Random motions of small particles of a system such as atoms or molecules may have translation, rotary or vibration motion within the mass of system. These moving particles posses kineticRead More →

What is Calorimetry? Calorimetry is the branch of physics which deals with the measurement of heat addition or rejection from a body or system. Calorimetry is the science or act of measuring changes in stateRead More →