Fluid Mechanics

What is cslled capillarity? Capillarity is the phenomenon of rising or dipping of liquid surface in a narrow tube when it is dipped in the liquid. Capillarity is caused due to the properties of adhesionRead More →

What is Poiseuille’s formula? Poiseuille’s formula gives the discharge of a viscous fluid from a capillary tube. Consider a horizontal capillary tube of length and diameter of cross section . A liquid of coefficient ofRead More →

What is called centre of Hydrostatic pressure? The point at which the resultant hydrostatic pressure acts on the immersed surface is called centre of pressure. The intensity of pressure is not uniform at all pointsRead More →

What is Metacentre & Metacentric height? Metacentre is the point at which the line of action of the upthrust will meet the normal axis of a floating body, when the body is tilted by aRead More →

What is a Micro Manometer? A micro manometer is used for precise measurement of pressure. In micro manometer, the device is made sensitive by making one limb of tube much larger i.e. about times moreRead More →

What is a Differential Manometer? A differential manometer consists of a tube containing a heavy liquid, whose two ends are connected to the two points of same pipe line or different pipe lines, whose differenceRead More →

What is called fluid pressure? The fluid pressure at a point on a surface in contact with a liquid is the thrust acting normally per unit area around that point. Let, a total force orRead More →

What is meant by “Thrust of a liquid”? Total force exerted on a surface in contact of a liquid mass is called thrust of liquid. In equilibrium, a liquid exerts a force on any surfaceRead More →

What is dealt in study of Hydrostatics? Hydrostatics is the branch of science which deals with the study of fluid pressure called hydrostatic pressure exerted on immersed surfaces by a liquid, when it is atRead More →

What is a Venturimeter? Venturimeter is a rate of flow measuring device which is directly mounted on the pipeline through which a liquid flows. In this device, a converging section of a pipe is usedRead More →

What is Bernoulli’s theorem? Bernoulli’s theorem states that – “Total energy of a liquid particle in a perfect in-compressible liquid flowing in a continuous stream in a pipe remains constant.” Bernoulli’s theorem is associated withRead More →

What is known as surface tension? Surface tension is the property of a liquid by virtue of which the free surface of liquid at rest behaves like an elastic stretched membrane tending to contract soRead More →

What is meant by Viscosity? Viscosity is a property of a fluid by virtue of which an internal force of friction comes into play, when the fluid is in motion or tends to be inRead More →

What is called Buoyancy? The upward force acting on a immersed body in a fluid is called upthrust or buoyant force and the phenomenon is called buoyancy. The force of buoyancy acts through the centreRead More →

What are Manometer & Piezometer? Manometer and Piezometer are pressure measuring equipment made of glass tubes which are directly mounted in the pipeline through which a liquid flows. These devices are used for measure ofRead More →