Current Electricity

What is called an Inductor? An inductor is component used in electrical or electronic circuits to store energy. The energy stored in inductor is in the form of magnetic energy. An inductor impedes or opposesRead More →

What is an Ammeter? An ammeter is an instrument used to measure the electric current in an electric circuit. An ammeter is a modified form of a galvanometer. An Ammeter works on the principle that,Read More →

How combination of cells are done? Sometimes a combination of cells are used in a circuit to get the desired EMF which is not possible by a single cell. These cells are connected in differentRead More →

What is called an LCR circuit? A circuit containing an inductor of pure inductance , a capacitor of pure capacitance and a resistor of pure resistance joined in series across an AC supply is calledRead More →

What is an Alternating Current? An electric current in which the magnitude of current and polarity both changes periodically with time is called an Alternating Current (AC) Most of electric appliances run on alternating current.Read More →

What is a Moving Coil Galvanometer? A moving coil galvanometer is a device used to detect or measure small electric current flowing in an electric circuit. It works on the principle that, a current carryingRead More →

What is a Potentiometer? A potentiometer is a device which is used to measure the EMF of a cell without drawing any current from it. Hence, a potentiometer gives very accurate results because the effect ofRead More →

What is Kirchoff’s Law for electrical circuit? Kirchoff’s law is very helpful in solving complicated electrical circuits consisting of a combination of cells and resistors. The law is consisting of two statements – Current lawRead More →

What is Electromotive Force? Electromotive force of a source of electric current supply is defined as the potential difference between the terminals of the cell in open circuit i.e. when no current is drawn from theRead More →

What is an Electric Circuit? An electric circuit is a closed loop or path consisting of a network of electrical conductors, resistors, electronic components and other electrical elements where electrons can flow through it uninterruptedly.Read More →

What is called a Thermocouple? A thermocouple is defined as a loop made by connecting the ends ( called junctions ) of two different conducting wires whose junctions are maintained at different temperatures for producingRead More →

What is known as Specific Resistance? Specific resistance of a material is defined as the electric resistance of that material of unit length and unit cross sectional area. Specific Resistance of a material is alsoRead More →

Charge in magnetic field

What is Ohm’s law of electric current? A law stating a relationship between flow of amount of electric current to the applied voltage across an electric conductor, is known as the Ohm’s Law. It statesRead More →

What is an Electric Current? Electric current is defined as the amount of electric charges flowing per unit time through any cross section of a conductor. In electrostatics, electric charge remains at rest. In electricRead More →