Material Strength

What is called Flexural Rigidity? Rigidity is the property of any material by virtue of which it offers resistance to deformation due to an applied load. A body having good rigidity will resist any typeRead More →

What is called simple bending of a beam? In previous articles, we have discussed about bending moment and different types of loading of beams. Stress developed in a beam depends upon the type of loading.Read More →

How to draw Bending Moment diagrams? In drawing of bending moment diagrams, we have to follow certain guidelines in strict manner as explained in earlier article guide lines of beam diagram. For illustration and clearRead More →

What are different types of Structural Members? A member is used as an structural member for establishing industrial infrastructures to support loads. Different types of structural members are used in engineering purposes depending upon theRead More →

What are different types of Stresses? When a beam is loaded, stress is developed in it. Different types of stress that are developed in a loaded beam depend on the type of beam and theirRead More →

What is called Parallel Axis Theorem? If the moment of inertia of a body about an axis is known, then moment of inertia of that body about another parallel axis on the same plane canRead More →

What is Perpendicular Axis Theorem? Perpendicular axis theorem states that – Moment of inertia of a laminar body about an axis which is perpendicular to the plane of the body is equal to the sumRead More →

What is called Moment of Inertia? All material bodies possess a unique property by virtue of which they resist to change in their state of rest or motion by itself. This property of material bodyRead More →

What is Moment Area Method? Moment area method, is a very convenient way to find slope and deflection of a beam. It is based on Mohr’s theorem for use of bending moment diagram and enablesRead More →

What is Deflection of a beam? When a beam or other structural member is loaded in such a way that, it is subjected to a bending moment, then due to bending stress, part of memberRead More →

What is called “Moment of Resistance”? When a beam is loaded with a load causing bending moment, it bends into the form of a circular arc. To resists bending and deformation, internal resistance sets upRead More →

What is a Bending Moment? Various types of structural members are used for construction of industrial infrastructures to support various types of loads. The horizontally placed structural members are called beams. Different type of beamsRead More →