Basics of Science

What is called Resolution of Vectors? In analyzing the vector problems, sometimes we require to evaluate the effect of a vector in certain directions of our interest. This is done by resolution of vector inRead More →

What is called Product of Vectors? Multiplication of two vectors is called Product of Vectors. Vectors have magnitude and direction both. As such, multiplication of one vector with another vector is not done by simpleRead More →

What is called Addition of Vectors? A body may be subjected upon various vectors acting simultaneously upon it. It is very cumbersome and difficult to analyze the effect of each vector separately. So, the vectorsRead More →

What is called a Vector? In one dimensional motion, only two directions are possible. So, the directional aspect of the quantities like position, displacement, velocity and acceleration are taken care by using signs before theRead More →

What is called a Gauge or caliper? Gauge and Caliper are inspection tools which are made for use without any scale or graduation mark. These are made of hardened steel and robust design and usedRead More →

What is a Vernier Caliper? Vernier Caliper is a precise measuring instrument by which precision measurements of length, thickness, depth and inside or outside diameters can be obtained quickly. Construction of Vernier Caliper A VernierRead More →

What is a Micrometer? A micrometer is an precision instrument used to measure the length or diameter of an object accurately up to . These measuring devices are made in many shapes and sizes dependingRead More →

What is called a Measurement? Measurement of a physical quantity is the process of comparing the quantity with a standard value of the quantity of same kind. The standard value is called its unit. ToRead More →

What is called Dimension of a quantity? All the derived physical quantities can be expressed in terms of some combination of symbolic representation of the seven fundamental or base quantities. These symbols are called dimensionsRead More →

What are called Physical quantities? A physical quantity is defined as that quantity which can be measured directly or indirectly by comparing it with standards or gauging with other measurable quantity. A Physical quantity mayRead More →

What are Standard Mathematical Relations for Physics? Math is an integral part of science. Without mathematical calculations, the study of science cannot be completed. In basic study of physics, chemistry or engineering topics, we needRead More →