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About us

“About Us” page tells about the intention, motive and dedicated work of the Author. It is for spreading the helping hand by the author towards learning skills for science education. “BrainDuniya :: Science Make it Easy” is a free educational web platform for easy learning of science from its basic concepts. It is created by a group of persons who are enthusiastic and educated in different disciplines. But they have common thinking of being devotee to spread their knowledge.

A popular proverb here considered as a good advice.

“Birds of same feather, flock together”.

This phrase means that, people with similar views and thoughts get join together and share similar interests. They like in spending their time with each other in sharing thoughts.

Though, we being educated from different fields of science, arts or technology, but fortunately we all have a common dream. Our dream is to learn endlessly and spend time in discussion related to education and spreading our helping hands in educating other peoples with our skill, understanding, knowledge and technical sense.

Our zeal to learn and our relentless pursuit to help in learning of poor people have compelled us to create this platform over internet. Now, internet is affordable even by the poor economy class students who doesn’t afford to attend expensive coaching classes. So, they remain debarred to learn science to the competitive and successful level.

Learners face a lot of problems and doubts to understand a topic at every stage. It requires an assistance in his learning for clearing doubts and concepts. “BrainDuniya” is a right place for the mankind who have desire to learn in crystal clear conceptual ways of Easy Learning process.

We believe in the transforming power of discussion and explanation with illustrations and its ability to simplify understanding. We have tried to explain the topics in a different classical conceptual manner such that it becomes easier and unforgettable by going through it.

Hope this platform will prove its ability and fulfill your basic requirement.

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