What is Induced EMF? Induced EMF is the generated electromotive force which drives a current in a closed conducting loop when it is moved in a magnetic field. Induced EMF is generated in a conductingRead More →

Find torque on current loop placed in a Magnetic Field. When a current carrying loop or coil is placed in a magnetic field, it will experience a magnetic force which produces a torque in theRead More →

What is Ampere’s Circuital Law? Ampere’s Circuital Law is an approach to find the intensity of magnetic field at a point produced by a wire carrying a current. It states that – The line integralRead More →

Magnetic Field by Circular loop carrying current Magnetic field produced by a circular loop carrying a current is obtained by the application of Biot-savart law. Consider about a point on the axis of a circularRead More →

What is a Cyclotron? A device used to accelerate positively charged particles like protons, alpha ( α ) particles, deutrons, ions etc. to acquire enough energy to carry out nuclear disintegrations, is called Cyclotron. ARead More →

What happen when a charge moves in a Magnetic Field? When a charge is projected to move in a magnetic field, it experiences a force on it. Hence, a charge moving in a magnetic fieldRead More →

What is called Lorentz Force? When a charged body moves in a region of electric and magnetic field, it experiences a force of attraction or repulsion. This force is called Lorentz force. This Lorentz force isRead More →

What are different types of Magnetic materials? Faraday has divided materials into three classes based on their magnetic behavior. These are – Diamagnetic Materials. Paramagnetic Materials. Ferromagnetic Materials. Diamagnetic materials The materials which are weaklyRead More →

What is Magnetic Dipole Moment? Magnetic dipole moment is defined as the product of pole strength of one of the poles of a magnet and magnetic length ( distance between magnetic poles ). Let, theRead More →

What is called Electromagnetic Induction? Electromagnetic induction is a phenomenon of production of electromotive force and thus a flow of electric current in a closed circuit caused by variation in magnetic field associated with theRead More →

What is a Transformer? A transformer is an electrical device used to convert low alternating voltage at higher current into high alternating voltage at lower current. Therefore, a transformer is used to increase or decreaseRead More →

What is called Eddy Currents? Induced circulating or whirling current produced in a conductor by itself due to change in its own magnetic flux linked with a conductor is called eddy current. This current wasRead More →

How Mutual Induction in coils occur? Mutual Induction is the phenomenon of production of induced EMF in a coil due to change in current of a near by another coil. Consider about a coil connectedRead More →

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What is Self Induction in Coils? Self induction is the property of a coil by virtue of which it opposes the change (i.e. growth or decay) of current flowing through it. To understand this phenomenon,Read More →

What is a solenoid? A cylindrical coil of enameled ( i.e. insulated ) wire tightly wound in the form of a helix, with diameter of the coil smaller than its length, is called a solenoid.Read More →