Meaning of Science

What is meaning of Science?

The true meaning of science is a systematic and organized knowledge gaining process to gain knowledge about various natural phenomena happening all around us. It is a systematic approach of science to unravel the mysteries of some untoward events happening in our universe. Our scientists are always in search of unknown happenings and trying for research to gain knowledge and reach to the apex level of natural mystery to capture all secrets of universe.

Though, human have succeeded tremendously to unfold many secrets of this universe, but there are much more facts that are still unknown and perhaps beyond our reach of understanding. This tremendous growth of Science has taken place due to the use of scientific attitude and scientific methods to analyze every natural phenomenon happening around us.

On searching, we will find that, everything available around us is a gift of nature through deep analysis by our scientist and technologist. This tremendous success of science is indulging us and fueling our curiosity and triggering the mind to know more and more about the remaining mysterious secrets of nature and life. Learning of science is an endless process.

In fact, science is easy and only we have to adopt a right, disciplined and scientific approach of learning.

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