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Sustainable Learning of Science

In fact, science is easy, interesting and good scoring stream. Everyone can take and win for the challenge to accept science as a core branch of study and carrier building journey. The prime requirement of the sustainable learning of Science is that, the learner must have desire and learning affinity to learn from the basic root level of every topic.

Success is achievable by everyone, only the learner needs a scientific approach and easy learning from basic concepts called “Easy Learning & Conceptual learning”.

Most people want quicker results. To follow short-cut methods in learning process is not a good idea. A learner fails to learn a topic if he skips the basic concepts. By anyhow, if he succeeded to remember the topic, it will be for a very short duration and he will forget it soon. So, conceptual learning is the right approach.

If a student is in haste or due to ignorance try to learn by leaving the basic concepts of any subject, he does not get success. If he succeeds by any means in remembering, even then this memory is temporary and retain for a very short duration. Naturally, he forgets soon.

It is important to mention that, learning by comprehension on the basis of basic concepts and learning by repetition after a longer interval of time is clearly sustain in our mind forever.

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